Donington Park

Length: 4.02 km // 2.5 mi
Location: United Kingdom // 52.829862,-1.379556

Donington Park is a circuit of contrasting characteristics. After two high speed splits, the second half of the circuit becomes slow and tortuous. The first part, made up of the famous 'Craner Curves', a super-fast right-left-right sequence requires a smooth approach from the rider and puts machine importance more on handling than outright speed. The back section, meanwhile, was added in 1986 to bring the track up to the minimum length to host a Grand Prix. It consists of three short straights, a chicane and two sharp hairpins that put huge emphasis on braking and acceleration. Setting a bike up is always a question of making compromises but at Donington Park this is the case more than ever and it puts the riders and the bikes to the test. The circuit was added to the calendar in 1987 in place of Silverstone, home to the British Grand Prix since the middle of the 1970s, when the TT circuit on the Isle of Man was finally judged to be too dangerous.

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