Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cour

Length: 4.41 km // 2.74 mi
Location: France // 46.86421,3.163601

Magny-Cours is a 4.411km long circuit with a lot of history and a 4.271km version was first used for WSBK racing in 1991. The circuit returned to the calendar in 2003 in its 4.411km form and it has been a permanent fixture ever since. Spacious and well-appointed, Magny-Cours has been the scene of some classic moments in WSBK history, with Ducati, Honda and Yamaha riders posting wins here. No fewer than five 2010 riders have won at this track. The form man in France is Noriyuki Haga who has won on both Ducati and Yamaha machinery, most recently in 2009, and five times at Magny-Cours in total. Magny-Cours has many different faces, both slow and fast sections, and features some epic hard braking zones, particularly into the slow Adelaide corner.

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