Mugello Circuit

Length: 5.25 km // 3.26 mi
Location: Italy // 43.99761,11.37151

Measuring 5245km in length, the Mugello circuit is one of the longest on the current MotoGP calendar and it stands out from other fast tracks thanks to the drastic elevation changes and the high-speed chicanes. The main straight, at 1.141km, is also one of the longest on the calendar and it is followed by a blind rise into the tight turn one, San Donato, where the riders’ speed drops from around 320km/h to less than 100. The front straight is the fastest part of the track, with the rest an exciting mixture of fast sweepers, quick direction changes and long ‘parabolica’ corners, without any tight hairpins or stop-and-go sections to break up the flow. It is perhaps because of this that the Tuscan circuit is one of the riders’ favourites. Mugello hosted its first GP in 1976 but did not become a permanent fixture on the calendar until major reconstruction works took place in the early 90s.

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